Medicine wheel

Medicine Wheel

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Medicine Wheel

Medicine Wheel – Walking the Path of Self Development  

  • Witnessing Self as the Observer
  • Observing Self making decisions
  • Observing Self carrying out decisions
  • Accessing your own wisdom from experience

The Medicine Wheel is a Path of Self Development. Working with the 4 directions of the medicine wheel, an awakening process through overcoming and working with ego identification. Practising and overcoming 17 virtues of the “holy grail”. Transforming, from the inside out. Development of the mature adult, balancing your masculine and feminine Higher-self is the Balancing Act, of living in the in-between.

“In touching your inner-most core, there is transformation.”

Balancing ACT 

  • Yin – Feminine – Passive – Earth – Left – Stillness
  • Yang – Masculine – Active – Heaven – Right – Emotion
  • Within us and in nature to calm the heart, bringing balance
    from our inner to outer world.
Medicine Wheel

Feminine and Sacred Masculine Within

Typically in western society, we were taught that you are either male or female with little to zero discussion on the fact that everyone has both aspects within their physical and spiritual.

Through our many previous incarnations, we have experienced being both genders. Therefore we are people.

Patriarchal society has created separation and an imbalance of the two for thousands of years, without any awareness of how a female should approach her masculine side or a male, should approach his feminine side. Thus leaving a scar on the genetic subconscious mind.

Through the development of self, we observe our aggressive and defensive reactions and the virtues that creates the adult response. Through overcoming and practising these virtues we develop maturing. Now able to develop mature balanced qualities, residing within us.

Medicine Wheel

Balancing: Thinking ; feeling & willing bodies passive vs active behaviour