Training Stages for Igqirha

‘Thongo: it all began with a dream…’


White beads

Igqirha: Indicate the commitment to listening to the guidance of spirit. The beads show that the thwasa recognises his mother’s and father’s ancestors. It is the tribal community into which the thwasa is born in this life.  His ability to focus inwardly and listen makes it possible to start this journey.

Blue beads

This indicates that the thwasa has been to the ocean or river and met the spiritual ancestors of the water.  It implies that the thwasa has overcome arrogance and developed humility. He has found the observer self inside himself. He overcomes his self importance and anger and is relieved of fear. He has had the opportunity to experience that in water we are all one. We are part of the one life. One becomes soft and insistent.

Green beads

Wearing the green beads indicate that the thwasa has been to the forest and experienced the ancestors of the plant kingdom. He has had the opportunity to experience how in the plant kingdom there are protecting beings and that we are held in a web of consciousness. He now has to meet many plants and learn from them how they can help heal. He recognises the awareness of the plants by observing their light and having conversations with them. By recognising the great variety in plants we can also recognise the great variety of conditions that can be treated in people. The threads of connection are actively formed by intent. Disconnection causes pain. Reconnection is the healing of this element. He can recognise his intents.

Training Stages for Igqirha

Red beads

These beads are a sign of fire. There is the open fire that burns wood and the inner animal fire of digestion and the burning fire of the heart and blood. The fire of the heart of the home or the fire of community is what pulls people of heart together in compassion. Using this fire awakens the consciousness of compassion and experiencing the enactment of the stories of others. Through the destruction of form by fire the awareness arises of the experience of others. You have to become the hero through whom others can access experiences that they are not ready to face. The experience of carrying out your intent give you self respect and contributes to your wisdom. This is the world of power and learning how to control it and not be controlled by it. Now you can sow bits of skin on your clothes to represent their fire of desire and hunger.

Training Stages for Igqirha

Brown beads

The earth below us needs recognition. If you have spent at least an hour buried in the earth so you cannot move, you can start feeling the presence of the earth and it let’s you detoxify  your different organ systems. Once you have removed your blocks in the body the energy can move freely and you no longer get cold in the earth. Your identification with mother earth becomes so strong that you feel like stroking her all the time. In connecting to the earth we can connect and absorb the vitality she sends us every day. We absorb that energy through our earth Chakra. When standing in the earth with our legs we become centred in the heart. To get your imaginary legs into the earth quickly you can stand on your knees.

The dreams: Igqirha

The worlds behind the physically visible one can be reached by going inside. Some call it the spirit or dream world. We can journey or dream in that world. For the modern man it is the unconscious world. When he enters that world he falls asleep and becomes unconscious. If one has gathered and stored enough power he can enter that world consciously.

The new beads that are put on now can be any colour but they are determined by the indications of your ancestors. You are representing them. Now all your clothes can be beaded.

With time your ancestors move deeper and deeper into the spirit world and it becomes more difficult to reach them. You have to make more effort and focus to follow them deeper to levels where they are also more pure spirit and then you meet your pure spirit and your consciousness inverts. You see from the outside inwards and not any more from inside out. Having accessed your ancestors of your present body and seen the members of your present family it is time to see who you and they were in previous incarnations. You can see what you did then and where you lived and what sort of body you had and what gender you had. Now you see the bigger picture of what you owe others and what they owe you. It is time to overcome your hang ups and your assumptions.

Now it becomes time to recognise the patterns of your struggles even through lifetimes. Then you need to see what promises and contracts you made with others to create the traumas.

Cleaning up these contracts to stop the traumas are essential before you can reunite your soul fragments. There are 17 virtues you can practice to overcome the traps of trauma.

Taking responsibility for the integration of all your fragments becomes essential.

At last you can receive your soul gifts with which you can help others.

Now the real work begins. It is time to align yourself with your destiny.  It is what you decided in heaven that you were going to do on earth when you incarnated. Going back to heaven in a capable capacity in full energy and awareness you can remember what you came down to earth to achieve. Then you can go to the angelic heaven to see the bigger picture of human development and how your effort will contribute to the bigger picture.

In carrying out your destiny the right capacities you need to do the work will automatically come to you. While going to the angelic heaven you will meet your higher self.

Igqirha: Some of the abilities you should develop are:

Feeling equal to all other created beings.

Working with friendship.


Hands on healing with energy.

Healing with the zodiac and planets.

Repairing damage from previous lives.

Repairing nadies.

Interpreting visions of feelings.

Recognising the beings of trauma and how to deal with them.

Removing curses and re-purposing entities.

Knowing and using at least 50 local indigenous herbs.

Knowing and using at least 200 diluted single remedies.

Identifying and removing the spirits of dead people that have invaded the living.

Helping the souls of the dead to go to heaven by accompanying them.

Creating blessing points, closing cracks in the land and quelling curses on the land.

Developing access to a range of consciousnesses from the earth up to the healing level of the stars and nebula.

Being able to collect the earth vitality from the earth through your earth chakra.

Being able to collect vitality of communication by collecting it in your nose through breathing it in and sending it to your heart.

Being able to collect the energy of transformation to build the silver shield of your mind body.

Being able to hold pockets in your awareness free for others to be in your vicinity without feeling that they are being pushed away by you.

Being able to calm your energy so you do not break electronic gadgets around you.

Igqirha (I = Person ; GQI = Life force energy ; RHA =Full oF)